Thursday, January 7, 2016

Louise Charlotte Ritter (1779-1859): Self portrait as personification of Pictura

Beautiful drawing by Louise Charlotte Ritter (1779-1859). She portrayed herself as a personification of Pictura, sitting beside a table with a skull, the bust of Homer, a sculpture and a drawing; she is holding a palette and brushes, she's gazing at a painting on an easel. She is sitting in an ideal classical looking interior with a colonnade ending behind her and decorated with a green curtain . The painter is dressed in antique fashion in a white dress with a fallen shoulder pad, uncovering partially her breasts. A darker robe probably covering her shoulder has also fallen; only a small portion hangs from her right shoulder. Her skin is very pale, reminding the texture of a sculpture; almost like a goddess she wears sandals, a hairband and a golden armband, around her forearm. Signed on the bottom right: 'L: C: de Neufville née Ritter inv: t et pinx:t.'

Drawing on paper; pen and brush in grey, brush in color, framing line in pen brown ink; total: 128 x 99 mm
[reference nr. 60563]